A Dining And Drinking Guide To Melbourne – Australia

Ask a Melbournian what makes his hometown unique among all the other cities of Australia and he’s most likely to point out the food. People in Melbourne are proud of their food – it’ diversity, quality and, yes, even its price. There appear to be endless choices of unique food with the thousands of restaurants in Melbourne as we as some of the best cafe’s in Melbourne CBD, to a lot of foreign visitors’ amazement.

There’s a saying in Melbourne that finding a bad meal is tougher than getting a great one. Certainly, great food has turned into a way of life with quality products, combined naturally inside the location.

Often, you get the feeling that outstanding food is now so important that it’s the aspect that provides the critical distinction between one good restaurant to another.

It is easy to find the top eating places in Melbourne as they are generally positioned in the town’s hottest streets and areas, including the following:

Brunswick Street

No matter what dinner you want, Brunswick Street in the upper end of the location is a good place to visit. It is a popular weekend haunt for international tourists who has an inner city feel and wish to enjoy their evening. The Fitz and Mario’s will be the most popular restaurant there and provides massive, satisfying “brunches” 24 hours a day. Irrespective of its fabulous cafes, Brunswick Street is also called a destination of Melbourne’s art and alternative communities. A cacophony of street performers can generally be noticed, including joke tellers, fire twirlers and other amusement- minded residents.

Lygon Street

Here is the Italian side of town, where the Italian customs and practices go on to this day through the food, style, festivals and keen spontaneity and where the initial Italian immigrants first created their property. Restaurants like Tiamo and Brunetti provide traditional Italian cuisine a lot like the way things are done back home. Check out the best Italian restautrant in Lygon Street – Universal Restaurant, and if you are a pizza lover, you can’t go past Il Gamberos – probably the best pizza in Australia!

Victoria Street

From Italy, you will receive a style of Vietnam if you go east to Victoria Street. Restaurants like Thy Thy I concentrates on Vietnamese food’s amazing flavour and Vietnam’s distinctive cultural atmosphere. The lovely variety of fine dining solutions inside the city’s business district including Tuscan Grill, Marchetti’s Latin and Grossi Florentino amazes foreign executives in Melbourne. Cocktail bars for example Hairy Canary, Gin Palace and Melbourne Supper Club are also widely recognized for their dining and drinking.


Chapel Street

One of Melbourne’s best rated burgers is located just off Chapel Street, in addition, it has its share of other great restaurants and is synonymous with fashion and cool designer clothes.