Why Choose Indoor Plantation Shutters

Indoor Plantation Shutters have a long history of beautifying one’s house and adding lasting resale value to your house. The attractive plantation shutters are often the first choice of window treatment selected by decorators and home owners alike. They are the classic window coverings and make an elegant addition to every style of interior design.

Plantation shutters in Melbourne can be custom-built to fit every shape and style of door and window in your home. Sliding glass doors, French-doors and traditional entrance doors can all be fitted with plantation shutters. There is not a window made that can’t receive an indoor air covering and they are the perfect solution for unusual shaped doors and windows.

The choice of materials and finishes that are available will satisfy everybody’s taste and pocketbook. Shutters are available in wood and faux-wood compositions. Most wooden shutters are constructed from hardwoods, with Basswood and Poplar being the most reasonable. Some designs are made from Pine wood. Faux-wood shutters are man-made materials and a few of the options are polymer, or a combination of wood and plastic or vinyl and wood materials.

Prices will vary within classes, but the faux-wood varieties are usually from 20% to 30% less than those made of hardwood or speciality woods. Standard-size shutters will be less expensive than those made-to-order, but be assured that the standard sizes can be configured to fit 99% of all window and door openings. Panels range in sizes from thin sized to fit glass side door panels to broad sizes that are hinged together to cover the biggest picture window in your home.

Maintenance of indoor plantation shutters is very easy whether you buy wood or faux-wood construction. A dust cloth and spray wax are all that is required for wooden shutters and a dust cloth for faux-wood with mild dish soap and water for heavy stains will do the job.

Indoor plantation shutters make it possible for homeowners excellent privacy and are excellent for bedrooms, bathrooms and rooms which face the road. They also give your house great “curb appeal”. Realtors nationwide agree that indoor plantation shutters increase a home’s value and appearance. They make elegant additions to all rooms in a home; foyers and entryways, living rooms, dining rooms and dens, family rooms, home offices, kitchens, bedrooms and baths all look better with indoor shutters. Some households also use them in their garage windows for continuity.

Indoor plantation shutters can be ordered in many styles, Cafe style, covering the bottom half of the window only, or double tiered models to cover the entire window, with the option of opening upper louvres, bottom louvres, or both top and bottom louvres for maximum lighting and/or venting. The flexible movable louvres will provide year-round protection from heat and cold and will help to reduce gas and electric bills.

Shutters may be arranged with louvres or slats measuring from 1-1/8 inches wide to more than 4 inches wide with several choices in-between. The larger louvres are preferred for faux-wood shutters. These big louvres allow the best ventilation and the most panoramic outdoor view. You can darken a room just by closing the shutters closely.

Since maximum visibility and light are desired, use as few panels across the windows as you can. If your window is 36 inches or less, use a single panel and hinge it on the right or left. There are two louvre contours; elliptical in shape, where the louvre is thicker at the middle and tapers to the front and rear, and a horizontal louvre. The elliptical louvres are more powerful and more desirable, and will not warp as the horizontal wooden louvres might.

Dealers and manufacturers of plantation shutters may be found online as well as in local stores. Just type Indoor Plantation Shutters into Google to find traders. These sites include information about portrait styles, finishes, measuring and installation how-to, prices, ordering instructions and delivery information.